Founded by Jazz Chisholm, MLB All-Star and center fielder for the Miami Marlins, the mission of the Jazz Chisholm Foundation is to provide meaningful opportunities and foster the wellbeing of young athletes and their families from high need communities in Florida and the Bahamas.

The Foundation’s work focuses on the following:

Providing equipment and resources to youth baseball and softball leagues

Incorporating financial literacy education into various programming activities

Supporting mission-aligned nonprofit organizations



Jasrado “Jazz” Hermis Arrington Chisholm is an electrifying Bahamian professional baseball player who shines as the center fielder for the Miami Marlins. With his remarkable skills, vibrant personality, and commitment to his community, Jazz has made a name for himself both on and off the field.

In 2015, Jazz embarked on his professional baseball journey, joining the Arizona Diamondbacks as an international free agent. From the start, his exceptional speed and power at the plate caught the attention of fans and experts alike. In recognition of his outstanding performance, Jazz was awarded the Minor League Player of the Year title in 2018.

In 2019, Jazz found his new home with the Miami Marlins, making his major league debut the following year as the youngest Marlins position player since Jake Marisnick in 2013. Throughout the 2021 season, Jazz demonstrated his prowess with an impressive 18 home runs and 23 stolen bases, earning himself a starting position on the 2022 National League All-Star team. In March 2023, Jazz was named the cover star of MLB “The Show” 2023, further solidifying his status as one of the game’s brightest stars.

Jazz takes immense pride in his Bahamian roots, and his achievements have earned him recognition beyond the baseball diamond. He actively participated in the Marlins’ relief efforts following Hurricane Dorian and regularly returns to Nassau, his hometown, to host youth baseball clinics. His early philanthropic work laid the blueprint for the Jazz Chisholm Foundation, which aims to make a significant and positive impact on future generations through opportunities in athletics and community goodwill.

Join us in celebrating the incredible journey and vibrant spirit of Jazz Chisholm, an exceptional talent, role model, and ambassador for the Bahamas, both within the world of baseball and beyond.

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