Youth Baseball & Softball Programs

The Jazz Chisholm Foundation is committed to supporting young athletes on and off the field. A well-rounded athlete has strong leadership skills, is a team player, is committed to learning and gives back to the community. The JCF works to develop programs and activities that help youth athletes in these areas so they can be strong role models and leaders in their communities from the baseball field to the classroom. The JCF provides ongoing support for youth baseball and softball leagues by providing resources and equipment.

The Jazz Chisholm Foundation will also integrate financial literacy education into its programs for youth and families.. We will partner with financial institutions and experts to host seminars to ensure young people and their families can start saving, investing and building generational wealth.


In September of 2023, we launched the Jazz Chisholm Foundation Little League in Nassau, Bahamas. The league recruited 200 boys and girls to be a part of the inaugural team. They were provided a uniform, cleats, gloves and use of other team equipment at no cost. The league participated in a series of games around the island through December 2023.

Community Goodwill

School visits, hosting games, toy giveaways

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