Jazz Chisholm Foundation Little League

On September 23rd, 2023, we launched the Jazz Chisholm Foundation Little League in Nassau, Bahamas. The league recruited over 200 boys and girls to be a part of the inaugural team. All participants were provided a jersey, backpack and team equipment at no cost. The league participated in a series of games at the Blue Hill Sporting Complex and around the island through December 2023.


Youth living in Nassau, Bahamas

Ages 5-14

Registration for the 2024 season will open this fall

Meet the Team


Richard Bain
Javardo Bain
Stephen Beneby
Javier Bowe
Mandell Curry
Stephen Curtis
Pedro Dean
Etienne Farquharson
Lionel Ferguson
Dave Forbes
Dvaughn Knowles
Jervis Miller
Lincoln Rolle
Castino Sands
Frantz Watkins
D’Vaughn Wong

Girls Softball Coaches 

Shane Albury
Stephen Beneby
Dachye Stubbs


Renaldo Dorsett

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